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Updated Relief Resources Distributed - Feb 7, 2014

Number of families that received relief goods: 25,704
Number of Nutripacks Distributed: 325,978
(Number of Meals Distributed: 1,955,868)
Number of Nutripacks given to other organizations: 170,460 (will update next week when ICMFI Jan books are closed)
Gallons of water distributed: 4,400
Bars of Soap distributed: 7,881
Solar Lights distributed: 2,012

As of today, our staff have done 52 distributions in 77 different areas (sometimes they did distributions in more than one area on the same day).


Letter from ICM - Feb 5, 2014:

On behalf of ICM Board of Directors and our 350 local staff in the Philippines, we would like to sincerely thank Jubilee and its congregation's generosity.

ICM started a "Shining Hope" project in Iloilo, Phillippines since last December. Island ECC church in Hong Kong raised offerings from their congregation and funded this project. Since then, ICM has identified hundreds of families in Cebu and Roxas that are in need of these solar lamps.  Cebu and Roxas’s rural communities have not yet had their power restored since the Typhoon. There are no street lamps. Even during “normal times” prolonged blackouts are typical. This shortens the working day, increases crime and accidents caused by walking, cooking, and moving in an overcrowded home after dark.

ICM’s response is to provide families solar lamps. We have sourced “d-light” solar lamps from a local supplier, which is essential for warranty and replacement issues.
•One solar lamp can light up a 5 x 5m room, which is an average sized home
•Much safer  than kerosene lamps
•The lamps also charge phones, allowing contact with the outside world
•Results in: parents able to work, read at night, children able to do their homework, crime reduction in the community.
•When power is restored, lamps can still be used to reduce electricity

ICM will allocate Jubilee's January lover offering towards purchasing of app. 300 solar lamps to assist the families live in the slum communities.  Our goal is to raise app. US$20K to cover 1,228 families ICM's identified so far.


Jubilee has partnered with International Care Ministries to support families in the Philippines who have been affected by the typhoon.  There's still an urgent need in many remote islands that have yet to receive any assistance.  Find out more at  

Many ICM areas, especially northern Negros and Iloilo, have been very badly affected by Typhoon Haiyan on November 8th and are without electricity and water. Power and cell towers are out, and communication is almost impossible. Our kindergartens, churches and participant homes have been damaged or destroyed. Bohol is also still picking itself up from the massive damaged caused by the earthquake on October 15th.

ICM has created a Disaster Fund to offer immediate, mid and long-term aid to affected people:

Short Term - Water, food, medicines

Mid Term - Rebuilding damaged homes and building with small cash grants through trusted pastors.

Long Term - Community based education programs, such as ICM's Transform Program, to help strengthen communities. We will teach business skills, health practices and build relationships to foster new hope and encouragement throughout our areas.

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International Care Ministries

International Care Ministries (ICM) has been serving the ultrapoor in the Philippines since 1992. In partnership with community leaders from thousands of slum communities, ICM delivers programs that transform the lives of more than 100,000 destitute people each year.

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