King’s Cross Winter Fundraiser 2020

King’s Cross Winter Fundraiser 2020

$8,316 raised

This project is no longer accepting donations. Thank you for your support!

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One Time Donation

About This Project

As many of you know, in 2017 Jubilee launched off it’s first ever church plant, King’s Cross Church, led by Pastor Sangmin Lee. In that endeavor, we raised a good amount of support (80% of 115 million won) to get them started off on the right foot. As we all have been experiencing different hardships due to Covid-19, churches, particularly smaller churches, have been hit hard. King’s Cross is no exception. And so as the mother planting church, we want to finish what we started by fulfilling the rest of that 20%. Please join us in supporting King’s Cross as they continue to grow through this season of stretching and maturing.

For all funds sent to this account, only US Credit Card holders and Paypal users will be able to receive US Tax Documents. All other funds are qualified for Korean Tax Documents only. Funds sent in South Korean Won cannot be applied to US Tax Documents.

All USD funds will be sent via Footstool Mission Center.  


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Jubilee Church

Jubilee Church is an inter-denominational, inter-cultural church serving the English-speaking communities in Korea for the purpose of world missions.

Our mission is to make disciples who are trained to be ministers of the gospel and devoted to a lifestyle of missions. Our vision is to be a mobilizing, training, and sending hub for missions from South Korea to all nations.

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    14 Toegye-ro 18-gil, Namsandong 1(il)-ga Jung-gu
    Seoul 04631
    South Korea

  • Phone +82.2.569.2293
  • Fax +82.2.569.2225

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