Vi Na Lee Lee

Cambodia 2013

Fundraising Completed

Support Vina on her first missions trip

I want to invite you to join me on my mission to go minister to women and children in Cambodia and spread the gospel.  Please see my support letter below.

I will be going on a short term summer missions trip with a team from Jubilee. The trip is organized by V2R. I ask for your support in the form of prayer and/or finances.  




¡Hola Amor!

I hope everything is well with you.  Thank you for letting me share what opportunities, changes, and blessings God has granted me with these few months since relocating to Korea.


My friend, as you’ve already heard, I’ve been working on launching my new business, Urbane + Gallant. U + G is a men's fashion suit brand suited and intended for the modern day gentleman. Every suit sold will have a real impact on the lives of victims of human trafficking with our focus on the aftermath of such trauma. Cambodia is a hot bed for child sex slavery and is notoriously known for their red light district.  In order to pursue what I am so passionate about, I need/want to see it with my own eyes.


I’ve been given an opportunity to go this July with the Jubilee missions team to meet, witness, and minister the gospel to the women and children in Cambodia.  This opportunity is especially meaningful to me as it will be my first missions trip! Through this, I hope I not only impact people for Christ but also grow in my faith as a believer. God has blessed me with a chance to touch my life, lives of my friends, and the lives of the Cambodian people.



The mission is organized by V2R (Vision to Reality) Ministry, the group has been ministering to the Cambodian people for more than a decade under the direction of Bob and Jenny Oh.  Our Jubilee team will be joining Cambodian leaders from the Center of Peace, and other international teams to minister the Gospel to the local community.  


Week 1: We will be leading Vacation Bible School program to village kids, administer medical care,  and boldly evangelize on the streets of Phnom Penh.  

Week 2: We will participate at a women’s conference with New Life Church. We will also travel to work with YWAM in Sihanoukville and minister at churches in the morning and in the afternoons we will come together with blowout outreach in the midst of the Red light district with performances, gospel message, and medicine.  


Help/Support/Participation from you:

I will be in dire need of your prayers and would be extremely blessed if you could help/support/participate in the work of God. I need prayer so that I may have guidance and wisdom in my journey. Please pray for our team’s safety during out stay in Cambodia, health, and safe travel.


In terms of finances, any contribution large or small will be greatly appreciated. I need to raise 50% of the trip through my support network, and the other half will be raised through Jubilee.  Each person’s cost of the trip is a grand total of 1,830,000. If you are able to assist with this trip, I would ask that you forward any donation through the Jubilink page or through Go Fund Me. This whole trip will be completely funded through donations and by those going on the mission trip. Every penny and baek-won collected will be used for the ministry of the Cambodian people and the missionaries.


De mí para ti:

I hope to be used as a vehicle for the Holy Spirit to do His work through me and bring peace and serenity to the women and children of Cambodia.  Through this experience I hope I will be humbled and learn how to walk closer with God.  I am grateful for the opportunity to serve and minister and I ask you to join me.


Thank you so much for taking the time to read this letter and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I thank you in advance for your prayers and your financial support.  I hope to hear from you soon. Gracias!


Con mucho cariño,


Vi Na Lee Lee


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