Kim Family in Asia

Kim Family in Asia

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PERSONAL - One Time Donation

PERSONAL - One Time Donation

PERSONAL - Recurring Donation

PERSONAL - Recurring Donation

College Tuition

College Tuition

Our oldest son will continue his education at Wheaton college. In the Fall, our second son will start his Freshmen year somewhere.

50% of $8,432 goal raised.

Seminary 1 yr Certificate Education

Seminary 1 yr Certificate Education

"BigBlue" will be enrolling at the Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS) during the furlough. Over the past 8 yrs, BB has on many occasions felt the need for more deeper grounding in the Bible & Theology to better communicate and exemplify Gospel's Truth. The 1 yr certificate program will help him in this regard. RTS offers a matching scholarship for contributions made by a church and Jubilee will designate gifts from this item towards the matching scholarship; in essence doubling the gift.

0% of $3,815 goal raised.

About This Project

Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

Thank you for your interest in prayerfully considering partnering with us.  We count it a privilege to have been called by the Father to be His ambassadors to where He has called us.  It has not been an easy path to follow but we gladly choose to follow because He is worthy of all our honor and affections. 

Though feeble in our flesh, we depend on the Spirit to enable us to live as overcomers of the flesh and of the world, in loving those who consider us their enemies.  Our aim is to so live our lives in such a way that the fragrant aroma of Christ emanating from us will plow the hardened soil of their hearts so that it will one day be able to receive the seed of the Good News unto a bountiful harvest of righteousness.

After 8 yrs on the field, we are currently taking a much-needed furlough/sabbatical break through the summer of '21.  During our 1 yr furlough, we (BB) are taking classes at a seminary while our 2nd son is finishing high school.  Our youngest son is still being homeschooled (8th grade).  This year 2020 has become an unforgettable year and there are now previously unimagined obstacles to where God had called us to.  As such we are actively seeking the Lord's direction on how He is leading us after our sabbatical is completed.

Your support & prayers will further encourage us to continue running this race set before us.  We would welcome your support our in any of the following 3 areas:

1) College tuition for our boys (2 will be enrolled in the Fall of '21)

2) Seminary cost (tuition/fees + housing,etc)

3) Our PERSONAL budget, such as apartment rent, food, homeschooling courses.

Thank you for your partnership and most of all, your prayers.  We depend on them daily. 

Gratefully His,

- Kim family


For all funds sent to this account, only US Credit Card holders and Paypal users will be able to receive US Tax Documents. All other funds are qualified for Korean Tax Documents only. Funds sent in South Korean Won cannot be applied to US Tax Documents.

All USD funds will be sent via Footstool Mission Center.  

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Jubilee Church

Jubilee Church is an inter-denominational, inter-cultural church serving the English-speaking communities in Korea for the purpose of world missions.

Our mission is to make disciples who are trained to be ministers of the gospel and devoted to a lifestyle of missions. Our vision is to be a mobilizing, training, and sending hub for missions from South Korea to all nations.

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    14 Toegye-ro 18-gil, Namsandong 1(il)-ga Jung-gu
    Seoul 04631
    South Korea

  • Phone +82.2.569.2293
  • Fax +82.2.569.2225

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