Fall 2016

Fundraising Completed

The joy of partnering our Father!



I'm so thankful that I had the privilege to visit some field workers last year.

I met this group of people that I can never forget. People who love wholeheartedly!!

I learned so much about serving, sacrificing with joyful heart. 


This fall I have another opportunity to go and reunite with them to hear how their work and life is going!

I'm going to help some translation jobs and other needs throughout the trip. 

I'm excited to see the workers again and their families and kids too. As I serve, my prayer is that my little heart would learn and grow in love and the workers would be encouraged and refreshed greatly! 


I need to raise 700,000 won to be able to go this trip! Please consider giving and partnering with me!

Thank you! 




YiRang Iris

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