Heartland VBS 2018

Heartland VBS 2018

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Joe Park

198% of $88 goal raised.

David Hwang

77% of $88 goal raised.

Gloria Song

25% of $88 goal raised.

Elias Kim

25% of $177 goal raised.

Jonathan Myong

100% of $177 goal raised.

Rira Cho

100% of $177 goal raised.

Sharon Kwon

104% of $177 goal raised.

Beepa Park

61% of $177 goal raised.

Chris Oh

148% of $177 goal raised.

Chloe Son

157% of $177 goal raised.

Juyeong Lee

76% of $177 goal raised.


62% of $177 goal raised.

Nate Choi

50% of $177 goal raised.

Benji Yoon

50% of $177 goal raised.

Stephen Lee

25% of $88 goal raised.

Yoonjung Kim

50% of $177 goal raised.

Joe Lee

87% of $177 goal raised.

About This Project

Heartland VBS is an outreach for children from as young as 3 years old up to children in the 5th grade to reach out to them and share the gospel of Jesus Christ through fun teachings, games, skits, song & dance, and other fun activities. We anticipate over 100 children will participate in this year's VBS program. The VBS will be conducted in both English and Korean to reach as many children as possible in the local surrounding community. Heartland VBS will take place for 3 days from August 9 to 11 (Thur - Sat), and this year there will be a special concert on the final day featuring Children's Worship Pastor and Singer / Songwriter Jana Alayra.

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Project Owner

Jubilee Church

Jubilee Church is an inter-denominational, inter-cultural church serving the English-speaking communities in Korea for the purpose of world missions.

Our mission is to make disciples who are trained to be ministers of the gospel and devoted to a lifestyle of missions. Our vision is to be a mobilizing, training, and sending hub for missions from South Korea to all nations.

  • Website http://www.jubileeseoul.com/
  • Address

    Gangnam-gu Sinsa-dong 527-1
    Sang Ah Bldg., 3rd & 4th Floor
    Seoul 135-888
    South Korea

  • Phone +82.2.569.2293
  • Fax +82.2.569.2225

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