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bible study exclusively comprised of ridiculously good looking members

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About Ryan and Carolyn

We are Ryan and Carolyn. We met in college our freshman year and started dating during a study abroad program in Africa. From the beginning of our relationship we shared a passion for missions and international service. After getting married, we taught English in South Korea. During that time our hearts really started to open up towards serving in Asia. A huge part of that heart change was because of Jubilee Church’s vision to be a hub for overseas ministries, particularly in the 10/40 window. 

For 2 1/2 years, we were blessed to have the opportunity to serve with Food for the Hungry in Indonesia. Ryan served as the Programs Coordinator for Food for the Hungry's development programs, managing livelihood, agriculture and education projects for the three areas FH works in Indonesia. Carolyn served as a Communications Coordinator and Child Sponsorship Coordinator, sharing about the work through reports, social media and coordinating Child Sponsorship activities in Indonesia.

God has now opened the door for us to be part of launching a missions center to support missions to Asia in connection with Jubilee Church. Through our time serving in Asia, we saw a great need for missions organizations to work together to have a greater impact and a need for greater support for missionaries to Asia, which is why we are so excited to be part of launching this missions center. The missions center will be a place for Christian organizations and churches to network, cooperate, and collaborate to reach the 10/40 Window, located inside the 10/40 Window in Seoul, South Korea. The vision is to be a base camp to help serve and equip missionaries and ministries that are serving in the least reached nations and peoples.

We feel very passionate about the vision of the missions center and pray that you would join us in working to serve the workers in the 10/40 Window!

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