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This fundraiser supports Jubilee Missions Fund

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About This Fundraiser

We must all do a 180 when we meet Christ, however He allows us to go a fresh 180 to reach others for Him. In that way, we are transformed 360s, still you but new. Just like a stray stone, when wisely positioned, becomes a brick of protective blessing interwoven among sibling support. It is our prayer that every sheet of stained bark, pebble of molded-metal or digit of virtual numeric be transferred and transformed with such eternal purpose. May God direct the dispersal of all donations~> Hallelujah! Amen.

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About Jubilee Missions Fund

Donate to this project if you want to contribute towards the general missions fund.  This fund is used to support both domestic and international missions projects, both internally and with partners.

For all funds sent to this account, only US Credit Card holders and Paypal users will be able to receive US Tax Documents. All other funds are qualified for Korean Tax Documents only. Funds sent in South Korean Won cannot be applied to US Tax Documents.

All USD funds will be sent via Footstool Mission Center.  


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