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About This Fundraiser

Dear Friends,

Another year passes by and I am grateful for everything God has given to me. In that spirit of gratefulness, I wanted to bless one of my friends and mentors. For this year on my birthday, I would like to ask you to consider making a gift to help Kingdom building efforts.

My friend Victor and his family are on Mission doing ministry in order to help spread the Gospel to the Nations. Their courage as a family to step out in faith inspires me. One day, I hope to follow their footsteps in carrying out the Great Commission.

So join in what God is doing! Give with your heart! and Pray for the Nations!

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About Victor & Sharon Chun

Dear Friends,

Sharon, Shiloh and I (Victor) are currently serving as fulltime missionaries with Youth With a Mission (YWAM) and call2all in Kansas City. We have been a part of the Jubilee Church Community for 9 years and we are so thankful to be one of your full-time mission families "making disciples of all nations" (Matt. 28:19-20). We discerned the call to be missionaries in 2014, and after much prayer and preparation, we landed in Kansas City in April 2015. Since then, we've established ourselves in the community and started in the work of the ministry.

Currently I am working with call2all ( The vision of call2all is to unite the body of Christ to reach all of the people that have never heard of Jesus with the gospel in all spheres of society and in all areas of the world. Call2all does this by gathering the leaders of major missions organizations and denominations in what are called congresses to strategize and map out what needs to be done to finish the Great Commission. The first call2All congress was held in 2008, where 600 key Christian leaders from 170 different organizations came together to pray and strategize. Since that time more than 40,000 Christian leaders from every nation have participated in congresses all across the world.

This past June we just held our Congress in Korea and now I am transitioning to the YWAM Training Department ( I will be staffing the upcoming Discipleship Training School (DTS) in the Fall. My main roles will be helping to organize the school as well as helping with training and discipleship of the students.

Sharon will be joining the school this fall as a DTS student, so we will be doing additional fundraising for that. If you would like to support her in this, you can donate under "Sharon's DTS" in the "How You Can Help" section to the right.

Sharon, Shiloh, and I are so thankful for our friends both far and near who have supported us in our journey with prayer, love, and finances. Without you we couldn’t do this! We realize that everyone is called to be missional wherever they are, but not everyone is called to be fulltime missionaries. We pray that God will continue to use our family to be your hands and feet and mouths to the nations. Many blessings to you and yours,

For His Glory,
Victor, Sharon, and Shiloh

US Address:
10115 Grandview Road Apt. 206
Kansas City, Missouri
USA 64137

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