2012 Christmas Meal and Socks

Fundraiser by Jehovah Jireh Ministry

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About This Fundraiser

Every year Jehovah Jireh Ministry raises funds to purchase warm gloves and socks for the winter. Last year we were able to bless the community with 1,000 pairs of gloves and socks. This year our request is for only 500 pairs of socks. With your help we can make this winter a warm one!
We are also raising 500,000won to go towards the Chriatmas dinner we will be serving at Seoul Station on Christmas day. Contact Kristen Rawlins at jehovahjireh@jubileeseoul.com if you are interested in serving.

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About Jehovah Jireh Ministry

Jehovah Jireh Ministry goes out once a month to serve a meal to the homeless people living in and around the Seoul Station area.

We have also committed to give 500,000won per month to help cover the part of the rent for the facility.  

Lastly, we have our General Fund which allows us to support our community beyond our regular monthly meal outreaches. Where there is a need, we want to fill it and be a blessing to our community.

If you are interested in getting involved on any level or would like to know more about this ministry, please feel free to contact Annie Kim at  jehovahjireh@jubileeseoul.com

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